Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am posting this mainly because I dont want to forget this funny moment during scripture study tonight.. I am just about the worlds worst journaler (as you could have guessed) and typing this little story seems oh so much more appealing than handwriting it out.
Tonight as we opened our scriptures to read them Addy noticed one of her book markers had all the corners chewed off. She says, "Alright who chewed off all the corners of my book mark? Cole quickly replies "Not me, I didn't do it" .. A brief pause... Elle says "I did"
Addy says, "Okay,that is just gross, you chew all the corners off and then put it back in my scriptures?"
"oh wait".. (as she looks again) "you left one" (she noticed one corner remained untouched) "how nice" she said with a little bit of sarcasm in her voice.
Elle promptly replies in all seriousness, " oh yes- I didn't have enough time to chew that one off."


Michelle said...

uh yeah. if you would just feed the girl! that is sooo funny =)

nataley said...

Hahahhaha Oh Elle! Gotta love that girl. Hey at least she admitted to it- that is a step in the right direction!

Anonymous said...

Love that you're back in the blogging' groove' and am still smiling about Elle eating Addy's corners.

That's a hoot!


2nd grade school spirit

2nd grade school spirit
Too bad you can't see that spray painted red hair!

1st grade school spirit

1st grade school spirit
Elle sporting her red and white

5th Grade School Spirit

5th Grade School Spirit
Go Addy!